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30mm Oval Dark Topaz Faceted Glass Stones
These are vintage double sided faceted glass stones in a dark golden topaz and measuring approximately 30 x 20 mm, 1/4" thick. Non foiled.  These are very old and some will have rough edges, easy to file down. Beautiful sparkle.  12 to a package $3.00 {msg40}..more..


Ethnic Tribal Style Bracelet Needs Restrung
These are the components for a unique tribal or ethnic style bracelet - wood, I believe with lacquer and designs on the outside. Previously strung on black elastic cord. All parts seem to be here, just needs restrung. {msg40}..more..


Vintage Bead Strands Ready For Design
These are fabric binding strips with attached vintage glass bead strands. They were purchased in the 1980's from a designer that had retired from a jewelry company in NY years before. You cut the fabric to the number of strands you want to use in your design. These two strips measure 8"+. Mos..more..


Lot of 3 Vintage Black Bead Memory Wire Bracelets Redesign
This is a lot o 3 memory wire bracelets, all vintage black glass/composition double and triple rows.; All are different designs and need to be redesigned, reworked. Basics are there just need your designing touch ! {msg40}..more..


Pearlized Bell Shape Beads - Vintage
These are white pearlized 5-6mm bell shaped beads temporarily strung on a 32" strand - contains approximately 150+ beads.  some of the pearlization has worn off  of a few, but I have found these are easy to recolor. Limited quantity {msg47}..more..


Necklace Extenders - Goldtone
This is a 2-1/2" necklace extender that; can be attached to your necklace at the back to increase length. Goldtone. We hope to have the silvertone in stock soon...more..


Rhinestones for Repair Or Design - Reds
Loose rhinestones sizes and descriptions listed below.; All $1.00 per dozen or $3.00 per gross except as listed otherwise. Siam Ruby;;;Firepolished Chatons;; -; 3.0 mm,; 3.2mm , 3.5mm Lt Siam Ruby Firepolished Chatons - 4.0mm {msg40} ;..more..


Rhinestones for Repair or Design - Greens, Emerald, Peridot.
Loose rhinestones sizes and descriptions listed below.; All $1.00 per dozen or $3.00 per gross except as listed otherwise. Smaragd (emerald) Firepolished Round gold point back Sizes Available - ; 2mm,; 2.4mm Emerald Super Brilliant Czech; -; 5.3/5.4 mm; -; 6.0mm; -; 6.3mm; - 4.2mm - 6.1mm E..more..


Rhinestones For Repair or Design - Blues, Sapphire, Aqua...
Unused Vintage Chatons sizes as shown in  the following colors. ON SALE  .99  PER GROSS Unless Marked  Blue Newfire Chaton Point Back Czech (top picture) -  3.7mm Aqua Newfire Czech  -  2.4mm Aigue Marine, France - 1.2mm Aquamarine - 4.0 - 4.1mm Aqua - 5.2 - 5.4mm Aqua - 2..more..


Rhinestone For Repair or Design Aurora Round Point Back
Unused vintage Aurora Chatons in the following colors and sizes. $1.00 per dozen - $5.00 per gross Audroit Crystal ;(aurora silver point back);; - Sizes 4.2mm; {msg40}..more..


Winged Cherub Finding Stamping Lot
This is a lot of 5 winged cherubs in two styles. Each one is approximately 1-1/2". Great for your jewelry designs or crafts. Inquire on larger lot prices. Check out our other supplies in our !..more..


Oriental - Silver Horse Made In Beijing, China
This is a large jewelry component featuring a detailed horse (on both sides) There are loops at the top for hanging as well as along the bottom for charms, etc.; Appears to be hollow and there is a tag that says "Made In Beijing China". A unique item for your jewelry designs !..more..



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Vintage Native American Pin Brooch Turquoise Sterling Silver
Vintage Native American Concho Pin Brooch of turquoise and sterling silver (acid tested) is an impressive statement of craftsmanship and vintage desig..more..

Vintage Native American Ring Sterling Silver Inlay Turquoise
Vintage Native American Inlay Ring of Sterling Silver is a Size 6.5 and dates to the 1970s. It is possibly Santo Domingo, but the ring is unsigned, a..more..

Victorian Gold Filled STAR Locket Necklace 1874 RBM Atrice
Victorian Gold Filled Locket signed with a bee and RBM 1874 Atrice signature for the R.B. MacDonald & Company, located in Attleboro, MA. They were in..more..

Art Deco Green Crystal Flapper Necklace 48 Gold Tone
Emerald Green Crystal Flapper Necklace is 48" long and has 64 collet set 3MM dangles. Across the back of the necklace, the necklace is simply chain t..more..

Shamrock Clover Pin Brooch Sterling Vermeil Gold Plated
Shamrock / Clover Pin Brooch in sterling silver vermeil (yellow gold plated) and clear, hand cut rhinestones. We love the domed, heart shaped petals ..more..

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Vintage Filigree Cross Sterling Silver Pendant 10 Grams
Vintage filigree sterling silver religious cross pendant is a substantial piece that weighs 10 grams and has been acid tested for sterling silver. Thi..more..

Vintage Mens 14K Wedding Band Ring Size 1112
Vintage Men's 14K gold wedding band ring has a very rich-looking and handsome design of waves or curves along the edges of the ring. The ring is a ..more..

Art Deco 18K Wedding Band White Gold Size 6
Vintage Art Deco Wedding Band in 18K white gold features trails of leaves alternating with stylized flowers of four petals with raised bead centers. ..more..

Vintage Siam Sterling Enamel Three Headed Elephant
Vintage Siam Sterling white enamel necklace and clip earrings feature the rare Three-headed Elephant said to bring good luck, protection and prosperit..more..