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Siam Niello Sterling Silver Belt Buckle
Very nice sterling silver belt buckle made in Siam.  This features the niello enamel work so popular with Siam Jewelry, with a seated praying figure in the center.  The buckle measures 1-1/4 x 2" and weighs 20 grams. It is signed Sterling, Made In Siam.{msg50}..more..


Garden of Eden Snake and Apple - Enamel Sterling
Presenting direct from the Garden of Eden, this electric blue enamel snake done in sterling and made in Siam.; Beautiful enameling and measures 1-3/4" this beauty is signed Siam Sterling.{msg50}..more..


Siam Sterling Assorted Niello Earrings
Assortment of Siam Sterling earrings includes # 1 -  1" across niello fans, clip on style signed Silver Made In Siam; # 2 - 1" diameter round niello dancer design, screw on style signed Sterling Made In Siam Order by vendor and item # . If using the Catt button be sure to specify which pair you a..more..


Sterling Silver Siam Niello Brooch
This is a nice niello enamel Siam Sterling Brooch with cut openwork border and not the usual;pattern. This features a dancer atop a winged form. This measures approximately 2" and has a barrel clasp. Signed Siam Silver.{msg50}..more..


Signed Siam Dancer Niello Fan Brooch
This is a pretty Siam Sterling fan brooch done in niello enamel with figural dancers on the front. It is signed Made In Thailand. {msg50}..more..


Sterling Silver Siam Dancer Brooch - Signed
Very nice Siam sterling brooch measures 1-1/2 x 2" and features a dancer done in niello enameling. The brooch is signed on the back with a dancer "hallmark" and the initials ESC also sterling and Made in Siam...more..


Siam Sterling Blue Enamel Dancer Brooch
Beautiful bright blue/green enamel brooch signed Siam Sterling. This measures 1-3/4 x 1-1/2 and features a pair of dancers in the center with an openwork designed border. ..more..


Signed Siam Sterling Niello Bracelet
This is a beautiful Siam Sterling bracelet measuring 6-1/4" x 1" wide. It is done in the Niello enameling and the design features the Siam dancers. There are several different dancers on the panels. Nice slide in clasp. This is in exceptional condition...more..


Siam Sterling Fan Brooch
Very pretty Nielloware brooch made in Siam featuring a decorated fan and pair of dancers. Most of the designs in this jewelry represented mythological characters from the tale of Ramyayna. This one features Mekkala, Goddess of Lightning. The fan measures 2-1/2" across and is signed Siam Sterling...more..


Unique Siam Sterling Niello Bracelet
Unique design in this niello bracelet signed Siam Sterling. The overall length is about 7-1/2", but as you can see there is an adjustable chain fastening at the back. The front design is over 1-1/2" wide and consists of two panels each featuring a silver inlay dancing figure. Attached to t..more..


Siam Sterling Niello Brooch
Very nice Siam Sterling brooch in niello enamel with cut out design including edge. Measures 2-1/8" long and is signed Sterling  Made in Siam on the back.  Most of the designs used in this type of jewelry represent mythological characters from the tale of Ramyana. c. 1930-1980's...more..



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Vintage Heart Locket GF Gold Filled
Vintage heart locket has beautiful etched flowers in an all over pattern that is especially beautiful. The locket measures 1 x 3/4" and is marked 1..more..

Victorian Gold Filled STAR Locket Necklace 1874 RBM Atrice
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Art Deco Green Crystal Flapper Necklace 48 Gold Tone
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Emmons Double Heart Pin Brooch G
Emmons Intertwined Double Heart Pin Brooch dates to the 1950s - 60s and is in Excellent Condition. It has a lovely meaningful sentiment and is a very..more..

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Mexican Sterling Silver Ring TA11 Modern Ribbon Size 934
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Vintage Tiffany Sterling Silver Collar Necklace came from a very high-end estate in the 1980s. It is substantial and weighs approximately 41.7 grams ..more..

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