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Vintage Mens 14K Faceted Quartz Ring 92 grams Size 1034
Vintage Men's 14K Ring with a one carat faceted quartz crystal stone has a sharp, retro look and allows its wearer the benefit of wearing a genuine quartz rock crystal. The ring has a modern look with a squared off central focus with mill grain work and a split shank at each side incorporating a mi..more..


Vintage Mens 14K Wedding Band Ring Size 1112
Vintage Men's 14K gold wedding band ring has a very rich-looking and handsome design of waves or curves along the edges of the ring. The ring is a Size 11-1/2 and weighs 3.5 grams. It is approximately 6 mm wide and is raised .78 mm from the top of the finger. It is signed, "14K GOLDEN CIRCLE"..more..


Tri Color 14K Gold Chain Line Bracelet Signed AY
Tri Color 14K gold chain line bracelet features a modern design of rectangular and circular sections. The rectangular sections have decorative horizontal lines and they are all yellow gold. The circular sections are yellow gold, white gold and rose gold throughout the entire circular section, not ..more..


1951 Carl Schurz High School Class Ring 10K Spinel Sz 634
Carl Schurz High School 1951 class ring is a stunning example of Art Deco design jewelry, with two blue spinel rectangular inlays that flash cobalt blue in the most attractive way. The ring is a stunning stepped design that is authentic to the Art Deco period when the school first began. Even ..more..


Aquamarine 14K Gold Post Earrings Est 2 carats 19 Grams
Estate Aquamarine and 14K gold post earrings in a modernistic twisted hoop style features an estimated two carats of oval, faceted aquamarines in a beautiful aqua color that is so attractive in the yellow gold. The aquamarines measure 5 x 7 mm, which translates to approximately one carat each. T..more..


10K Gold CZ Ring Cubic Zirconia 27g Size 65 Marquise
Ten karat yellow gold ring with five marquise shaped CZ Cubic Zirconia stones that would translate to bit more than a carat if the stones were diamonds. This is a stunning, modern design and the Cubic Zirconia are blindingly bright and beautifully faceted. The ring is a Size 6.5 and is in Excell..more..


10K Art Deco Filigree White Gold Filigree Pin Brooch
10K White Gold Filigree Pin Brooch dates to Ca. 1915 in the Art Deco / Edwardian Era. Like a lacy snowflake frozen in time, this filigree brooch has dimension and intricacy. It measures approximately 1-3/4 x 1/2" and weighs approximately 2.4 grams. It is signed, "10K" on the closure and has als..more..


14K Edwardian Carved Gold Eternity Wedding Band Ring 725
14K Gold Edwardian Carved Wedding Band is an eternity band with intricate carving on the face, top and bottom of the ring. It dates to about 1915. It is a Size 7.25 and is in Excellent Condition. It weighs 2.6 grams. It is signed 14K on the inside of the band. Vintage wedding bands in this ..more..


Jostens 10K Class Ring Hersey High School
Jostens 10K Gold Class Ring from Hersey High School outside of Chicago, Illinois. The central stone is a very deep amber color. The ring features a picture of the school mascot with "Huskies" underneath the picture. The opposite side of the ring shows a quill and scroll with three other symbols w..more..


Ostby Barton 10K Yellow Gold Shell Cameo Pin Brooch
Ostby Barton 10K cameo brooch pin is an early 20th Century hand carved shell creation depicting an Art Deco lady's fashionable profile complete with short hair and a head band. Collectors favor items by Ostby Barton because Mr. Ostby died on the Titanic. So, aside from being a lovely piece of pr..more..


14K Gold Basket Pendant Semiprecious Stones 28 Grams
14K basket pendant filled with genuine cultured pearls and semiprecious stones. It measures approximately 2-1/8 x 3/4" with a depth of 1/2". In Excellent Condition, it has some illegible stamps on the bail of the pendant that might say 14K, but it does test 14K. Who would be happy if yo..more..


Oval Blue Topaz 14K Ring Diamond Accents Ring Size 714
Graceful and modern blue topaz ring in 14K gold has small diamond accents nestled within its curves. The oval blue topaz is approximately 1/2 carat (estimated)( and has a well saturated light blue color that is a definite blue. The ring weighs 2.1 Grams and is signed 14K inside the shank with an..more..



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Vintage Native American Ring Sterling Silver Inlay Turquoise
Vintage Native American Inlay Ring of Sterling Silver is a Size 6.5 and dates to the 1970s. It is possibly Santo Domingo, but the ring is unsigned, a..more..

Vintage Smiling Sun Pin Brooch Gold Tone
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Vintage Siam Sterling Enamel Three Headed Elephant
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Vintage Trifari Rhinestone Floral Bow Pin Brooch Rhodium
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Vintage Ciner Pin Brooch Sim Turquoise Red Blue Rhinestone
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